The Maker

NEO THREAD is the creative outlet and expression of me, Sarah Gonzales. I have a heart for sustainability and a deep admiration for the beautiful desert I get to call home.

I was raised in a waste-not-want-not home where we practiced reusing, recycling and upcycling whenever possible. 


The Work: 

Inspired by the movement, textures and tones of New Mexico, the only home I've ever known. My upbringing, memories and love for New Mexico are all reflected in my work. I make beauty from discarded, second-hand materials.


Good work begins with good sourcing. The majority of the materials I use are either repurposed, second-hand materials such as old curtains, bed sheets, and textiles. Any and all new materials purchased are sustainably-made and purchased from BIPOC, LGBTQ+ owned small businesses whenever possible. If you're interested in supporting some of these businesses here is a crowd-sourced list of  fabric and sewing suppliers put together and lead by @pinkmimosabyjacinta


The Place + Land Reparations:

NEO THREAD is non-Indigenous owned and operates on the Tiwa Pueblo land called Albuquerque. This project pays taxes to both the Pueblo as well as Indigenous-lead and centered organizations.