What Size Am I? How to Measure Yourself

What Size Am I? How to Measure Yourself!

All too often, I encounter girls who want to know if something will fit them, I ask their measurements and they respond with, “Oh, no clue. I don’t even know my measurements”. I'm always baffled but that's because it's a venial sin, in the sewing world, to not know. Whether you are sewing pieces for yourself or an avid online shopper knowing your measurements is super important! I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide on how to effectively take your measurements! First, let’s see that materials list.

What you'll need:

-  A soft tape measure
-  A pen and paper to record your measurements
-  A full length mirror (you can use a wall mirror but it might be a little harder)
-  Your lovely unclothed self

 Before we even start I want to start with an important reminder that your body is a beautiful vessel that enables you to do, see and create the things you love! It is beyond compare and lovely for that reason. During this exercise you are not allowed to degrade, hate or express anything but gratitude for your body. We are simply measuring YOUR vessel not your worth, achievement or capability. I know this isn’t what you’ve been told up to this point in life; you and I have been shown and conditioned to believe that beauty is found only in a specific range of measurements and sizes. It’s not true. More and more bodies are being represented and celebrated as beautiful and it takes us, as individuals, celebrating our own bodies to make that truth a reality.  

Download and make this little reminder your newest iPhone background by clicking here!

It seems fit that we should start by writing the things that make your body beautiful on your mirror. Both the physical and intangible characteristics. That is the things your body physically represents and enables you to do! I.e. the cute freckles on my arms, my strong legs that can hike for miles, hands that allow me to paint the smallest details, etc. 

Ok, you ready? I am!

Get into Something A Little More Uncomfortable

You’re going to want to be in your bra and panties to get the most accurate measurements. Stand in front of your mirror with your back straight, good posture is important here. I’m only going to focus on the three main measurements needed when shopping online. They are the: bust, waist and hips. A very important note: Always make sure your tape measure is parallel to the floor when taking a measurement. This means no twists, turns or folds in the tape when it’s wrapped around you.

         The Bust 

Bust, breasts, boobs, chesticles, the list goes on but this is the area that will kick start our measuring journey! With your back erect and straight you’re going to take the tape behind you, across your shoulder blades and under your arms. It should meet at the fullest part of your bust. Don’t pull too tight, your measurement will be where the end of the tape meets without the tape falling down or squeezing you. Got it? Ok, write that number down! Next up, the waist!

The Waist

To start, stand straight in front of the mirror and bend to one side to see where your body creases, this is your waist! Very similar to before, we are going to take the tape around the back to meet at the front and jot down the measurement where the end of the tape meets the center comfortably. Finally, to the hips!

The Hips

Shakira, Shakira! Is is possible to not make a Shakira reference when talking about hips?
Because she is the absolute queen of hip shaking! Give credit where credit is due. Anyways, this measurement is maybe a little bit trickier, why? Because it requires that you wrap the tape around your booty and depending on who you are, it can present a slight challenge. Like before, we are going to take the tape from around the back but this time, you’re going to wrap it around the fullest part of your hips and booty. Bring the tape to the front and record the measurement as you have before. 

OH EM GEE You've made it! See that wasn't hard!

Well, you’ve done it! You’ve captured and recorded the 3 most necessary measurements for clothing shopping! This knowledge is great to record in the notes in your phone so you have it at the ready when you’re shopping some cool, neo • thread items or any clothing online! You’ve just made yourself a WAY more empowered shopper who isn’t left to simply guess if the size of an item is going to fit right, this time, you will know! 

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