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neo•thread company


every neo • thread co. piece was once a discarded article, rescued from the second hand store. pieces have not been restored to their former glory but have been given a new life completely. 


one of a kind

no mass production here. each piece is hand-crafted and is the only one to exist. you can shop knowing that what you purchase is completely and 100% your's only. isn't that just the best?



all clothing is recycled from existing textiles and materials. this practice not only keeps those textiles out of the landfills but halts future demand/production of more clothing. pieces are hand-crafted in the u.s.a 

join the movement 

be a neo • t girl

neo • thread shoppers are adoringly referred to as neo • t girls.

who is the neo • t girl? she's the out of the box babe who loves and celebrates the little quirks that make her who she is. her heart breaks for people who are treated unfairly and chooses not to just talk but make actual change! she is an advocate of treating our beautiful planet with gratefulness and care. she sings loudly in the car, makes awkward eye contact (all too often), refers to dogs as 'puppers', finds herself hilarious and is happiest when surrounded by delicate florals and greenery.

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