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9 stylish dresses to wear for any wedding

a simple guide to wedding guest attire

If you're like me, you're here because you've Googled "what to wear to a wedding??, "wedding guest dresses?", “wedding guest attire?” or simply, "WHAT THE HELL DOES SEMI-FORMAL ACTUALLY MEAN?!?". 

 Well, I feel your frustration. I know it, I've lived it. The calling and interrogating of friends who are also attending. The photos of you in a dress sent to a friend with the message, "is this ok?" attached to it. But I'm here to offer some guidance and hopefully some real help.

 We all know that weddings have levels of formality, right? Sometimes you get lucky and that level is expressed to you. Other times, the bride and groom ignorantly have actual confidence in all of their guests to have the ability to measure and respect the dress code. Which, in my opinion is in invitation to anarchy if you couldn't already tell. Even so, sometimes, the small inscription of "semi-formal" at the bottom of the invite doesn't give you a tangible idea of what to wear. 

 It is my understanding that there are really two factors that determine the formality of a dress: the cut and the material. Let’s break it down by occasion.


I put beach and casual together because, if the bride and groom are expecting you in your gala's best for their sandy ceremony, fire them! As friends as family, I don’t care, fire theeeeeemmm!!! Cotton or linen is a great call for casual weddings, it’s breathable and comfortable. I like to go with short dresses over long ones for a casual wedding. Here are some of my dress picks for a casual wedding:

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