NEO Store Front: Paint, Paint and Update

Painting? Check!

The entire space is officially painted and I could not be happier with the results! The space is "unapolgetically pink" as my friend Kyla so aptly put it. I painted the first wall completely by myself and let me tell you, it was fine... It wasn't super fast or super fun but I got the job done. Well, part of the job. As I turned around to see how much was left for me to paint, I began to feel very small and very anxious. Which is right about where my pride checked out and my friends stepped in.

Through the process of opening and building out a retail shop I've felt completely overwhelmed as I think about doing everything on my own. But, I'm not! I'm not on my own! It's been a beautiful thing to realize that and lean into that truth. I have so, so many friends, family and individuals in my community that have shown up consistently in saying, "how can I help?" and "what do you need?". I've had to let go of my pride to say, "I really need your help, please." Which is how I asked a ton of my friends to help me paint last Sunday and guess what? I was met with a resounding, "YES!" Not only did we finish painting the entire space in less than half the time it took me to paint a single wall, but we had a blast! We sweat together as we painted, laughed and danced to Lizzo. For the first time, the space felt the least like my own, but in the most beautiful way. 

I'm so thankful for these people and all those that have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and willing to help. These people dare me to be humble and make everything more fun, I'm truly blessed.

My Frannnnsss

Our Ultra Cool, Fun Mural by Chloe Jew

Recycled, Ethical, One of a Kind, Uh Huh Honey

Check out Chloe's Art and Instagram @chloeeelin

The Fully Painted Space!

UPDATE: Ok, so I totally know I told you last week that our projected timeline was "August" well, I've just received word that we're projecting for early September. That's commercial redevelopment, baby! Everything takes longer and patience is a virtue, I'm told. Fingers crossed, you can be walking and shopping the new shop in less than a month!

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